The winners of the Young Car Mechanic contest visited the home of the automotive industry

The winners of the Young Car Mechanic contest visited the home of the automotive industry

Stuttgart is called by many as the cradle of the automotive industry. And that is one of the reasons why this city was chosen as the destination of the tour, to which all the winners of the second edition of the international Young Car Mechanic contest and their tutors were all invited.

The grand finale of the second edition of the Young Car Mechanic came to an end. The gala organized to honour all the winners was also for many a coping of long period of preparation, struggle and emotions.  At the same time it was also the beginning of attractions, which the organizers prepared for the young adepts of mechanical repairs.  The above mentioned were to start an incredible journey on the next day, planned for them and their tutors by one of the contest partners, Elring company.

Departure to Germany

The flight to Germany was preceded with a trip round the most interesting monuments of Warsaw.  Groups of students and teachers from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, and also pupils from Germany who took part in the contest as well, representing patronage class of Elring Company, had a chance to see interesting places located in the capital city of Poland, and after the trip went to one of Warsaw’s restaurants for dinner.  Just after that they all went to Warsaw Chopin Airport and caught a plane to Stuttgart, a city considered to be the cradle of the automotive industry.  The base of the whole trip was a picturesque town Tybinga, where in the evening all of the participants arrived.

Mercedes Museum

The first attraction that the organizers prepared for their guests was a visit to the Mercedes Benz Museum.  It is one of the most interesting places in Europe in the automotive industry.  Abundance and proximity of exhibits which can be seen in one place can cause the heart rate growth in the chest of every enthusiast of cars.  The building itself is really impressive, as it has been designed in such a way, to be able to present all the vehicles inside in their possibly best way - passenger cars, trucks, air-plane engines and boat engines, everything visible for the guests.  The visit started with a short speech on foundation of the Company and history of the first car in the world, and after that the guests were presented history of struggle of Mercedes during 20s and both world wars, finished with learning about some newer models, which could be seen not long ago on the streets and racing tracks.  The whole of the collection impressed the participants a lot - long after leaving the museum all the participants were discussing about vehicles they have seen and which was the most interesting for them.  

Elring Factories

The second day was planned to be the peak of the excursion.  Just after breakfast a coach took all the participants to Elring Klinger Factory, where they had a chance to learn something about the history of the company, the profile of its activity and range.  After a short welcome speech, all the guests were involved in manual activities, prepared and planned by young students from Elring patronage class.
So what was the task awaiting for the guests?

Each of them had a chance to build one’s own padlock, following instructions delivered by the pupils.  So hammers, files, drill bits and other tools went into action.  Everybody did their best to make the padlock as precisely as possible, and realization of the task was great satisfaction for the participants.  The correct realization of work was supervised by the students from Elring class and their tutor, who supported everyone with great involvement.  After the work there was time for a bit of knowledge, delivered by Elring representatives.  A short presentation on gaskets and seals assembled on engine heads provided a load of knowledge for the students about this crucial element of cars.  After the lessons have finished, all the invited guests went for sightseeing at the premises of the Company.  During a walk they could see the process of designing gaskets, producing them, packing and storing.  Besides that they could see with their own eyes how Elring Klinger Company produces other automotive spare parts being used for the first assembly.  Huge advancement impressed all the guests a lot.  

It is really something amazing to be able to see so advanced factories and warehousing areas.  I am really impressed with what I have been shown by the hosts.  I am sure that the equipment and machines used in these premises are top of the range.  I am really grateful for the possibility of seeing all that and also for their hospitality. - said Karol Mróz, tutor of one of the pupils.  

At the end of the day the organizers prepared a great dinner, which was the culmination of the integration of trip participants and representatives of the Elring Company.  

Possibility of showing young people and their tutors what values drive our enterprise was a great and unique chance.  We are really proud of involvement in the whole Young Car Mechanic undertaking.  We do hope that all the attractions we have prepared will make this trip a reason for being proud and a cause for popularization of the job of a mechanic among young people. - said Korneliusz Kąkol, representative of the Elring Company in Poland.

Porsche Museum

Friday was the last day of the visit in Stuttgart.  A visit to Porsche Museum was closing the trip - a brand which generates excitement and admiration in all motorization fans.  One must say that the building belonging to the German brand is as impressive as all the vehicles gathered inside it.  With full accountability one can say that all the models organized there are the essence of the automotive industry.
I must say that personally I am really impressed by the trip.  Both museums and the factories are amazing.  All the attractions planned for us shall long be remembered by me.  I am really happy that I had a chance to take part in it. - said the winner of the second international finale of the Young Car Mechanic contest, Bartłomiej Januszewski, at the end of the trip.
At the end of the day the whole trip went to Stuttgart Airport and started a trip back home from there.

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