Catalogue Online: A partner in your daily work
Catalogue Online:  A partner in your daily work

Catalogue Online: A partner in your daily work


Efficiently, fast and conveniently – three fundamental criteria, provided by Catalogue Online. It provides access to over two million automotive spare parts, simplifies estimation of repair prices and substantially increases effectiveness of work of a garage.  Catalogue Online is the most popular software on the automotive market.  Become acquainted with its possibilities and join the group of its users.

Currently the quantity of information which has to be processed when preparing an estimate for a car repair is huge. In order for the mechanic to be able to provide the customer with a reliable price estimate and the time of repair, one should possess such a working environment, which will provide him or her a fast and reliable access to parts and their prices.  Only such integrated environments will enable a garage stay competitive on the market.  By the use of Catalogue Online, Inter Cars provides a spare parts search engine for passenger cars and trucks, possibility of ordering them, integrated with repair times, price estimates and fleet maintenance checks.  Thanks to those tools we are delivering to a garage a comprehensive service: access to knowledge, fast ordering of needed spare parts and efficient logistics.  This in turn results in the fact that we can be sure to pick up a car left in such a garage at a previously stipulated time and at a cost which was given to us at the beginning.

Tomasz Jachimkowski, GearCode, Technological Partner of Inter Cars.

Automatic data update

In order to be able to use all the advantages offered by Catalogue Online, it is enough just to install the programme on a computer (with Windows XP or newer system), and it will automatically download on installation all the missing and required elements.  After connecting to the Internet the Catalogue automatically downloads all the data, and what is even more important, it keeps them always up to date. After a few days or weeks one does not have to perform an update in order to check if there are new products in the portfolio. The system in real time checks and updates all the data about the products which were added to the product range, and also about those which were temporarily excluded from it.

Possibilities brought by digitalization are huge for modern garages.  Catalogue Online, offered by Inter Cars SA, is one of the most popular software programs for ordering automotive spare parts. It is a real combine of catalogues and a reliable support for a modern mechanic.

Jerzy Dźwigała, GearCode, Technological Partner of Inter Cars

Who does not move forward, goes backwards

The technological development made work of a professional garage today impossible to imagine without the support of suitable tools and computer programs.  What is also important, not only the market has changed, but also the customers.

In the past years we can observe a new trend among customers, especially those of a young generation, that the garage is not just to be the place where one maintains a car, but it is to be a place of customer care. The look, modernity, work optimization - these are the aspects to which more and more attention is paid.

Dominik Troński, Garage Equipment Junior Specialist at Inter Cars S.A.

Despite all the amenities connected with customer care, the most important aspects of garage work are not changing – still crucial is the quality and the speed of performed services. And here the succour is brought by Catalogue Online.  The programme uses of a modern cloud computing system to work more comfortably, with no need of inconvenient update of data on a daily basis. This means a fully up-to-date list of vehicles, access to innovations and new items, as well as up-to-date wholesale prices and stock levels.

The new catalogue is designed for tablets, which makes it possible to choose the right parts next to the vehicle, without the need of returning to the desktop computer in the office. Search engine allows choosing parts and tires by many sets of criteria. In case of tires it might be: height, diameter or profile. The price “estimate” module included in the programme allows creating comprehensive repair estimates for the customers, including repair times and own parts. Thanks to logical arrangement of graphic elements, its use is intuitive and very easy.

Thanks to Catalogue Online one can:

- easily find parts: check information, prices and availability, also by VIN number;
- efficiently order parts;
- create a repair price estimate (based on repair times data);
- create comprehensive maintenance checks and the programme will suggest needed parts for a particular inspection;
- quickly access e-documents, unrealised orders;
- export invoices to a .txt file.

The most important features of Catalogue Online:

- Car body: enables fast definition of a vehicle, next find parts connected to this car body;
- VIN decoder: gives possibility of fast finding vehicle type by entering VIN number for searched vehicle;
- Price estimates and inspections: module which besides creating price estimates with spare parts purchased from Inter Cars, gives a possibility of adding downloaded repair times and own parts, and also creating comprehensive inspections;
- Online payments: convenient ray of paying by means of Przelewy 24;
- Premia Cash payment: possibility of paying for purchased parts with cash means gathered on Premia Cash loyalty programme account.

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