Inter Cars shall take its best customers to Italy!

Inter Cars shall take its best customers to Italy!


On 18 June an impressive campaign for the customers is started at Inter Cars.  Customers, who decide to take part in the competition, will have a chance to get a discount for participation in an international conference which shall be a real digest of knowledge about the industry and shall set new trends for it. 

Inter Cars S.A., the biggest automotive spare parts distributor for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks in Central and Eastern Europe, announces a new, impressive promotional campaign.  Customers, who take a decision on participating in the promotion, will have a chance to gain a substantial discount for the price of participation in an international conference, which Inter Cars prepared together with suppliers - Bosch, Castrol, ZF, Sachs, TRW, Lemförder, Ferodo, Moog, LUK, INA, FAG, Delphi, Meyle and Febi.

One must emphasize that the superior aim of the campaign is to make it possible for the customers of Inter Cars to take part in above mentioned international conference.  The meeting is to pass knowledge about the world class products in a professional and skilled way, and also to share experiences with other participants, coming from various areas of Europe.

Strong commitment of numerous recognizable partners is a guarantee that the undertaking will be one of the most important events in the automotive industry, which will be long remembered by all the participants and will also set business trends for coming years.  

Bormio has been chosen to host the event. It is located on the altitude of 1,225 metres above the see level, in the heart of Italian Alps, at the foot of Valecetta (3,148 m.). It is where, between 9 and 16 December 2018, representatives of all the markets, where Inter Cars is running its business activity, shall appear.

Stay in this picturesque town is also a chance for integration and establishing new business relations and also private relations.  Ski contest, skiing down the slopes together, integration games are just a few of the examples of attractions, which can be expected during the event. Wonderful coping of the conference shall be common party during the après ski and concerts.

The campaign starts on 18 June and lasts till 18 November 2018.

Customers interested in taking part in the event can get more information in the Catalogue Online and also from their sales representatives.  

Details of other stages of the campaign can be traced at

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